Get in my bookshelf

Last week, I took myself down to to the local bookstore and made three fantastically exciting purchases:

  1. A collection of Icelandic sagas;
  2. Clash of Kings, the second book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series (commonly known as “those Game of Thrones books” by you neophytes); and
  3. Surprised by Joy, a memoir by the always fabulous – if slightly contentious – C. S. Lewis.

As if you needed any further evidence of my truly incredible nerdiness, please note: I actually called ahead and put the first of these on hold. Wow.

While my dear blogger friend (we hang out in real life, too) Mac was serenading a certain Gym Butter (that’s his official name, it’s no big deal), I alternated cleaning my apartment with reading fantasy fiction and laughing at Khal and Khaleesi jokes on While the “trainwreck” portion of my life seems to be pretty obvious, I really need to work on that “twentysomething” part. Oy vey.

To be fair, I followed that up with a pretty epic Longhorns football game on Saturday, complete with some smuggled in Tito’s and a quality queso-fueled after party. But still, where did I find myself on Sunday afternoon?

Curled up on the couch with the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, wondering how many hundreds of pages I could devour before I had to start work again on Monday.

Ah, well. Maybe one day I’ll find my very own Gym Butter, and he’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I tell him I’ve decided to measure any future men against a fictional warrior named Khal Drogo. Trainwreck averted. Right?

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4 Responses to Get in my bookshelf

  1. Mac says:

    The best thing about a Butter (whether it be a Gym Butter or a Barista Butter or a bookstore Butter), is that you can’t hear what they say. All you can focus on is not trying to eat their face. Who cares if he doesn’t know Khal Drogo (like most of the population)! When you meet the right Butter, you surely won’t! :)
    Now get out there and make a drunken fool outta yourself!

  2. Anne says:

    Oh, there was plenty of drunken foolery on Saturday. You’re right about Butter, though .. Khal Drogo or no, I’ll embrace him with open arms! (By which I clearly mean open face. Shh.)

  3. David says:

    I love bookstore runs! As sad as I was about Borders closing (esp. since it was the only bookstore in my area), it was too much fun scouring the shelves for great closing sale deals. I almost bought a copy of some Icelandic sagas, actually, but I decided against since I still haven’t read my copy of the Mabinogion or some of the other Germanic sagas I have.

    Surprised By Joy is an excellent book, though not your typical Lewis apologies or even a typical autobiography. Parts of it are a bit hard to really understand, as he tries to describe deeply specific and personal feelings for which there simply aren’t words clear enough in the English language, but it’s still worth trying.

  4. Anne says:

    I’m right there with you on the Borders sales, David. I actually managed to stock up on a lot of Tamora Pierce (I know, I know – I’ve already defended myself here: I need more bookcases …

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