Procrastination station

When you start a blog, there are lots of rules you’re supposed to follow. “Establish a regular posting schedule,” they say. “Don’t make your posts too long.” “Publish new entries during peak usage hours.” Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to follow these rules. We post on a semi-regular schedule, and I’m proud to say none of my posts have exceeded 500 words. That said, being a good blogger is hard! Which is why I find myself writing this particular entry at 10:30 on a Tuesday night. Peak usage hour? I think not.

I wish I could say this kind of procrastination is outside the norm, but we all know that’s not true. When it comes to non-essential activities (basically, those that don’t involve work or Boone-care), it frequently takes me a little while to pull myself together.

Take, for example, last Sunday. We’ve had an old table sitting in our living room for a few weeks waiting for me to figure out what to do with it, and I thought this weekend would be a good time to start. I’m sort of convinced the little bugger has a face, so I decided to begin its rehabilitation by removing the weirdly proportioned drop leaves and go from there.

Cooper wasn’t too happy about it – he appreciates the table’s wide top and proximity to exciting things like light-switches – but we try and pretend he’s not the boss in this house. With that in mind, I got to work. I spent a super productive twenty minutes unscrewing the left leaf’s support before running into a bit of a roadblock: one of the screws was so tiny and old that there seemed to be no way to get it out. Shoot!

Luckily, I had no intention of having my Sunday afternoon productivity streak foiled by a stupid drop leaf table and its googly eyes. So, until I could wrangle the good folks at Home Depot to walk me through that one, I decided to try my hand at updating another old piece of woodwork: this gigantic mirror, which I thought might make a good addition to the bare area over our couch.

I quickly spread out some drop-cloth and went to town with the same turquoise paint used on our now-infamous star, and the mirror makeover was underway. I’m pleased to say that it was without major incident, although Cooper did manage to break out of confinement and sprinkle some lovely blue pawprints in a trail from my paint site to Anna’s bathroom. I know you’re not supposed to use Windex to clean up these type of things, but you better believe I did! Look at the title of this blog, kids. Are you really surprised?

Anyway, I managed to complete the mirror before the day was through. We haven’t actually hung it above the couch yet, but it’s been a big hit so far. Just check out this picture of Boone’s first encounter with our living room’s newest accessory. Cute, right?

As a final note, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that this post is actually clocking in at about 520 words. Bad blogger. Bad!

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5 Responses to Procrastination station

  1. xoxoxlittlej says:

    I definitely agree that blogging takes a lot of work. I have finally been able to post daily and I’m already surprised by the results. Keep going & good luck to your blogging :)

    • Anne says:

      Aw, thanks! Clearly I’m still trying to figure everything out … I somehow managed to “like” my own post in the process of replying to this comment, so obviously I’ve got a long way to go.

  2. Mac says:

    Look at you with your home fixer-upper projects! Can you please come to my apt and make it look pretty? Kthanxbai!

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